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Submit your vBox files for verification. View the vBox and Perf Database View and make your own vBox Racer videos. Calculte HP and TQ from vBox Files Who are we and what do we do here?

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Reasons to choose vBox Verify:

Verifies all of the following:
  • Lost satellite signals
  • Missing data
  • vBox sample rate consistency
  • vBox data integrity (CRC)
  • Excessive slope

Searches and verifies files for all of the following tests:

Standing Velocity Tests

  • 0-60 MPH
  • 0-100 KPH
  • 0-100 MPH
  • 0-150 MPH
  • 0-300 KPH

Flying Velocity Tests

  • 60-130 MPH
  • 100-150 MPH
  • 100-200 KPH

Distance Tests

  • 1/8 Mile Drag Races (NHRA Rules)
  • 1/4 Mile Drag Races (NHRA Rules)
  • Standing 1/2 Mile (Texas Mile Rules)
  • Standing 1-Mile (Texas Mile Rules

Deceleration Tests

  • 20-0 MPH (Decel)
  • 30-0 MPH (Decel)
  • 60-0 MPH (Decel)
  • 75-0 MPH (Decel)
  • 100-0 MPH (Decel)

Brake Triggered Tests

  • 20-0 MPH (Brake Triggered)
  • 30-0 MPH (Brake Triggered)
  • 60-0 MPH (Brake Triggered)
  • 75-0 MPH (Brake Triggered)
  • 100-0 MPH (Brake Triggered)

Other key features

  • Submit files individually for verification.
  • Supports all vBox file formats and sample rates
    (5Hz, 10Hz, 20Hz, 100 Hz).
  • More accurate than vBox Tools software by Race Logic.
  • Auto-generate your own verification graphs.
  • Link to, or download your result graphs.
  • Create your own custom template and print graphs to your own specifications.
  • Quick Response bar code will take people to your web site, or can be used as a verification ID (optional).
  • Add your own watermark (optional).

Future features

  • Submit files in batch .ZIP file archive.
  • Auto-generate vBox Dyno graphs.
  • Create comparison graphs between your results and any others in the database.
  • Watermark your own graphs.
  • Edit your own entries for #-Shifts, Density Altitude, etc.
  • Add new entries, or remove your old ones.
  • Privacy features allows this site to maintain private databases for individual car forums.
  • vBulletin API available upon special request. Displays your own private database from PerfDB data into your own car forum.  Supports infinite number of private databases for individual car brands/models if desired.
vBox File(s) to analyze:
(.DBN, .VBO, files only)

Enable Acceleration Tests
Enable Braking and Deceleration Tests
User Name
Change advanced options? (Send email, GPS options, Google Earth options, etc)
Send EMail Summary, Graphs, Google Earth?
EMail Name
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Attach Performance Graphs
Generate Google-Earth .KML file.
Use relative height data instead of GPS height if available.

Richard Hammond's Jet Car from Top Gear using RaceLogic vBox 3i*

Privacy Statement:

Data contained in the vBox files is not shared with any outside individuals, companies, friends or foes.  Only vBox files used to maintain the Performance Database are kept on this site.  All files submitted but not selected as part of the performance database are automatically deleted.

* For more information on Race Logic or vBox devices, visit http://www.racelogic.co.uk, or http://VBOXmotorsport.com.